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This made me giggle b/c its true, lolz
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There’s always someone you know who do this hahaha at least one in the group that is like hey can I swipe .. oops I already this hahahahhaha
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@lillyann YESSSSS!!! i agree with you...sadly im the one in the group!! hahahahh!!! i kid, i kid, noo i dont but i know what you mean...
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@cheerfulcallie I'm protective of my phone too and I don't know why! I usually don't have anything bad on
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@TeamWaffles ahh hum?! You sure abt that...*looks over your shoulder*...Hmm, you're right, you're just playing Flappy Bird? Lolz
4 years ago·Reply
hahahahah dear @cheerfulcallie well theres always the “accidental” swipe hahahahhaahah
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