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I'm usually the silent type when I'm mad...#5 is just straight up psycho!! lolz
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@cheerfulcallie I have 3 sisters. I usually die about once a month
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@TeamWaffles oh you crack me up, that's soo funny, hahahhahahah!!!!
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I'm 1,2,3, and 4 !! When I'm mad it starts at 3 then progresses to 4 then to 1 and then finally 2!!
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@cheerfulcallie i hope he did but i mean the last he sees before he die.. a psycho girl that's quite a sad end to life! ahhahah @teamwaffles LOLLLLLLLL then you probably know when to escape then? @sjeanyoon wow... what a combination! hahahhaha
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@pampam93 hehehe :D When your mad silence is definitely not golden! You're just torturing yourself and letting the anger fester inside. You have to let it out somehow :P
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