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I saw, I read, I died lolz....
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@ameliasantos10 no I didn't notice, now I'm curious did you look up the link? Hahahaha!!!
4 years ago·Reply
@cheerfulcallie nooo hahahaha even the sound of the website already sounds shady enough hahahh I don't think I want to encounter anything and start my day with those !!
4 years ago·Reply
@cheerfulcallie did u actually visit the site? @ameliasantos10 i really liked @teamwaffles answer "although it may be true" lol
4 years ago·Reply
@goyo noo i didnt visit the site, lolz...btw, im just seeing this now, your cmmt....seems like im not getting a lot of ppl's notification for some reason.
4 years ago·Reply
@goyo nope did not visit the site and i don't think i have any plan on doing so hahahahahha maybe you can check it out for us??? lol
4 years ago·Reply