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Lee Minho (이민호) Postpones Overseas Tour to Focus on Filming Lee Min Ho will be focusing on filming for a while, postponing his overseas tour to the later half of the year. Lee Min Ho’s agency rep stated on February 26, “We’ve been getting numerous offers from production companies for Lee Min Ho’s overseas tour, but since he starts filming Gangnam Blues in April, once he finishes the Yokohama concert in March, he will be pushing all other performances to a later date in order to focus on filming.”After finishing his global tour last year, visiting Japan, China, Philipines, Malaysia and more, fans have been continuing to send their love calls for Lee Min Ho to visit again. The agency rep said, “We’ve already received tens of offers from famous production companies and top singers abroad. We heard that some companies try to lure customers by promoting reservation tickets or travel packages using ‘Lee Min Ho’s concert.’ He will be focusing on filming for now, and will return with more meaningful performances later, so fans should be wary of fake advertisements.”