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If you are a smartphone user particularly iPhone or Android user you wouldn’t have missed to try Instagram. Instagram is an App that is designed to give your photos filtered looks. Ever imagined a real Instagram Camera? A camera with instagram functions to add filters? Here is a concept design and you will not say ‘No’ after seeing it. An Italian designer Antonio De Rosa , proposes of a conceptual instagram Camera called Socialmatic. Socialmatic is a camera that can take pictures and apply instagram filters and print instantly with its four ink cadridge system. This concept turns the Instagram from a software to a gadget. The Socialmatic’s body is designed to look like Instagram logo and bears two lenses.One lens for capturing usual pictures and the other for 3D renderings. Each photo printed using this Socialmatic will bear the Instagram username of the photographer and a QR code which could be scanned by users to comment on it. The designer has integrated the App’s functionality and Social features and printing to complete the social camera within a case.If you are about to ask why to go for this camera when the smartphone came does it just fine enough, you will need to know what De Rosa says, “Your phone can’t print the photo,Your phone does not have a double lens system, Your phone is not a social camera.” The Socialmatic has a 16 GB of local storage and allows sharing of photos through WiFi and Bluetooth.And guess what… You can just peel away a strip at the back of your printed photo to expose a sticky area and stick your photos almost wherever you want them. This is so cool! Will you buy this or stick to Instagram app?? Src:
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