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SBS has cast its main leads for their upcoming drama You’re All Surrounded about 20-something rookie cops at a Gangnam police station. No, Cha Seung Won won’t be one of those rookies as he’ll be playing the strong team leader, Seo Pan Seok, who shapes them into great cops. This will be his first drama since 2011′s Greatest Love. Apparently, every drama needs a genius and Lee Seung Gi is it. He plays Eun Da Gu, a blunt, good-looking rookie with an IQ of 150, photographic memory and a painful family history. Go Ara will play the only female officer, Uh Soo Sun, who’s pushy and stubborn. You’re All Surrounded will be written by Lee Jung Sun (Ojakgyo Family) and directed by Yu In Sik (Incarnation Of Money). After gaining much attention and praise for Reply 1994, I think it was a good choice for Go Ara to pick this role over Triangle, where she would have played the least important brother’s love interest. The press is referring to this as a “dream cast” but isn’t every drama with Lee Seung Gi one? Just kidding but he and Cha Seung Won had chemistry in his Greatest Love cameo and it’ll be interesting to see what Go Ara’s chemistry is with them. They should hurry up and tell us who the two other cops will be. You’re All Surrounded is scheduled to air its first episode in April after Three Days.
@divalycious she's from 94 kkkkkkk and omg you have to go see it the reply 94 and i think you got it confused lol '97 came out before '94 hahaha so the one with seo in guk is '97 hahaah
waiting for my Cha looonnggg time no see .....kekekeke :-P
is that her character for Reply 1997?? I haven't seen that as yet ... i loved Answer 1994 ... that i'm sometimes a skeptic when it comes to prequels.
Is it wrong that I don't wan Ara to get another role yet? I still see her as Najeong T_____T~