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HI EVERYONE!!!! Thank you so much for participating in the In Hyun Couple congratulations project with me! I just managed to finish compiling and printing everything out, now I am going to send it to the QIHM team in TvN... I really hope that our lovely couple gets to see it! keke here are some pictures of our project - I put all our cards in a red folder and wrote a short note telling our InHyun couple that we are their fans from ALL AROUND THE WORLD! i couldnt take pictures of all your cards, but dont worry if you dont see them - I printed them all out! I am soooo proud of all of us - the cards look SO BEAUTIFUL wish you were here to see them with me! Pls go ahead and share this on ur Facebook/Twitter because you should be proud of your BEAUTIFUL WORK! LOVE ALL OF YOU VERYYY MUCH! keke if we spread the word enough, maybe Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na will also hear of our project and will ask TvN "Where are my Congratulations Project Cards???" Love all of you! Leave a comment and tell me what you think!
hai @caffelatte.. are u kdrama holic?? :D
me too...
i'm miss inhyun's couple :(
@supernovah haha dont worryyy, I was looking thru whatever's pictures and I SEE YOUR CARD!!! its the 7th picture that she's uploaded. So dont worryt hey feel your love!
It looks great! Thank you so much for doing this:)
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