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@divalycious .. oh noooo T_______T;; but I guess if you think about it there's not much a writer the writer can do to not make it a bad ending... because of things are already set so they can't just turn on it..
i really don't wanna cry ... @ameliasantos10 from the snippets that i've read ... do min jo has done is fair share in the last episode ... :(
ahhahha all them writer-nim better be nice @divalycious I think I can see into the future hahaha for the next 48 hours VIngle K-Entertainment Interest will blow up with well . happy/sad/grieving fan girls including us both!! ahhahah I can't wait to see it!!!
truth be known ... @ameliasantos10 i started watching it live n then decided i want to watch both back to back ... *biting off all finger nails* ... all i wanna say is please be kind to them writer-nim :D
thanks dear, for almost giving me a heart attack with the thumbnail ... but it's just me not reading the title lol and how are you holding up with the episode?? @divalycious