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Hongdae Flea Market
Hongdae is a young, vibrant and artsy area in Seoul. Probably the most artsy area! And its flea market is the heart. Flea market is opened only on Saturday afternoon from 1 to 6pm. All arts are 100% handicraft by young artists. Someone told me that more than 1,000 artists are creating arts for this market. Watching street performances is another fun there!! Karaoke lovers can try LUXURY SUE noraebang (Karaoke) after visiting flee market. That will change your perspective about Karaoke :)
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Yeh! that's true! but that's another fun
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My favorite place haha :)
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5 years ago·Reply
what is different about the luxury sue nrb??
3 years ago·Reply
I love singing so I would love to know hehehe (:
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