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Even this collection came out last year but it is classic look in menswear or american sportswear with Italian flair to them. It might as well be the dress code for men's casual wear. It is timeless, classy and really stylish. Using a tie and you can do business in these outfits, without one it looks super casual but very elegant. It's not completely preppy, it's not too much of a cruise wears and not all about tailored Italian suits. It's a mix and pieces of all of them. By using chino pants as base garment/ knitted sweaters or t-shirts mix with some sports jackets or none. You can play it more Italian way by using some cool moccasins or Italian loafers, and play it down American way by using classic pair of sneakers. The key is to keep everything very simple and every piece should fit your body properly to successfully achieve the look. Overall it gives men versatility and worry free in terms of multiple places he can be in one day with just one outfit.
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Totally agree that these are so timeless~ each piece can go for a different style if you'd want, but I especially love all the jackets.