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Going outdoor? So, when men talking about going hiking, camping or hunting what would you wear? Most would imagine some lumberjack outfits with plaids and boots right? Not necessarily true, because if you go camping in the Winter time your priority is not styles, but you need to be warm and protected from nature's elements. Don't let that stop you from doing it stylishly, you can still do it with styles and you don't need to always use plaids shirts only. Here are some cool outdoor styles.
Oh I'm glad you like it. Now men can stop filling up their closet with plaid shirts, I mean how many plaids do you need really? They now need to go shopping even for camping, no excuses, lol
haha!! I think the plaids work but only when other pieces are added with it :) like the picture with the plaid, cardigan and jean jacket! I love that kind of layered look, and it's warm for camping~
please do! lol I'll help all your guys friends buying things they need and stop buying same stuff all the time. I hate it when I see guys closets filled with same shirts in different colors, I don;t know why many guys think it's the only of type shirt they should wear. Also, it's a guy thing....they don't want to ask for help when it comes to shopping for clothes even though they know they need some advice.
ohmygosh I think i should totally show this to my boyfriend! He has like 20 plaids I am convinced!!! and he only dressed up depending on his mood so apparently camping is not one of those dressing up mood for him!
@meninstyles you my friend need to get that message to all the men out there hahahahaha so true all the guys I know kept filling their closet with plaids! yes maybe i should make them get on vingle and follow your collections lol
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