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r for the time being to focus on filming for movie “Gangnam Blues”. As the movie will start filming in April, the Yokohama concert in March will be the last of Lee Minho’s concerts for the time being. Starhaus Entertainment, Lee Minho’s agency, has been receiving constant love calls after his e agency rep said, “We’ve already received tens of offers from famous production companies and top singers abroad. We heard that some companies try to lure customers by promoting reservation tickets or travel packages using ‘Lee Min Ho’s concert.’ He will be focusing on filming for now, and will return with more meaningful performances later, so fans should be wary of fake advertisements.” Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho will be presenting high level action scenes in the upcoming movie Gangnam Blues. Director Yoo Ha said, “Many actors were interested in the role, but I had Lee Min Ho in mind from the time I first planned the project.”
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