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@hannou I totally agree with you saying that he is the victim here I mean he was just a high school student but he has so much on him, maintaining his Royal image, his first love and what not.. Goong is indeed one of the best drama I have seen!
@ameliasantos10 I see he is the victim first he lost his first love to achieve grandfather's commandment to married with woman does not love her again sacrifice his wife that with time he attached to her and loved her for his and the social status of the royal family and who abandoned him after that for those women. but I think in the end he know what he need and the most thing he need to protected it of course I mean his love
I loved Goong!! I think I must have watched it 10 times over!! what did you think about Shin Goon? I felt so bad for him every time he hides his feeling :(