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airport fashion after a long time. The founder of airport fashion(,) heenim. I'm a pure man who is going on a plane with my small and cute Anna in the 'SPAO' bag that I'm modelling. I will go on a vacation with Geonhee and Anna and come back
@ameliasantos10 haha I will I will~
@nokcha hahahah they play let it go everywhere!!!haahahh even before I saw the movie I kind of knew the lyrics too hahaha this movie definitely is like peer pressure! if one of your friend had already seen it they will make sure that others have to see it! @aneezaful do you wanna build a snowman is cute too!! Yes you should definitely make time to watch it :D
I only know "do you wanna build a snow man? Come out and let's go play..." The rest I don't know haha I'm planning on watching it soon tho I'm just really busy these days :o @nokcha @ameliasantos10
@aneezaful @ameliasantos10 but even without seeing it, i know all the words to Let It Go. They play that song in cafes here 0_o
@aneezaful @ameliasantos10 I haven't seen it either gahhh my friends always yell at me for not seeing it yet hahah
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