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Hahaha...the point is if it dint work wont work ever agn
@cheerfulcallie I think I am just one of those people where if you have entered my circle of trust then I will believe you no matter what others said but if there's evidence that you have betrayed my trust in you then I become really cold (?) I feel like if you are close to me then there shouldn't be a reason to hide anything I understand that it could sound a bit harsh... @mrjockX I totally know what you mean.. but i think i am one of those people well to a certain point i will probably take what you say and consider it hahahaha
When somebody is in love " or they think they are " you can't tell them ish cus they won't listen. I know somebody at my job who has a new bf and uuuugh.
@TeamWaffles to me any love is stupid but I do agree with you and @ameliasantos10 that experience and mistakes teaches us what we want and don't want when it comes to relationships regardless it being romantic b/c it also applies towards friendship and the ppl we want in our lives...AND.. hearing your words abt not giving ppl many chances is quite harsh but I respect your POV as for me, I'm the complete opposite. I have a hard time shutting ppl out of my life therefore instead of saying no....I tend to wonder off, distance, give space and put up higher walls....Yeah, we wont go back to where we were but we can start from here. If you want trust again then that's on you b/c it will be days, wks, mths, and years before I'll ever see you the same way again but that up to them....Honestly, I think that's even more harsh then just saying noooo...
@ameliasantos10 young love is stupid love, I don't people as many chances anymore. But isn't that kind of a sad statement? Not giving people more chances
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