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Inspiring Success Stories of 5 Famous People

Many famous people have their exalting stories, but these 5 individuals will surprise you with their falls and failures.
The path to success is rather complex and quite often leads us to denials turning into the falls of our lives. Success requires a lot of hard work, patience, and courage to confront challenges and all possible obstacles.
Success is something that doesn't come easily. Failure on the road to success is not an extraordinary fact, but it is just a headway leading to prosperity. Many famed people had to beat various barriers in their way of becoming successful. Failures led them to the lowest points of their lives.
Yet their hard work has given them what they fought for, and their perseverance is now a source of inspiration for many.

1. Walt Disney
Walt Disney 's inspiring story began with a strain of failures - he was fired from his job at the "Kansas City Star" newspaper because "his imagination was not so bright and his ideas were not creative enough"; His Mickey Mouse cartoons were dismissed for being "too scary for women"; "Three Piglets" was also rejected because there were only four characters in it; His first business venture, the animation studio "Laugh-O-Gram," halted its operations due to bankruptcy.

2. Sylvester Stallone

Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone inspires us with his unique story. At 20, he was a regular salesman at a cooking store. He was so broken that he had to sell his wife 's jewels to feed his family somehow. At one point, he was so desperate he was forced to sell his dog to a stranger at a liquor store for $25.

He says the biggest fall of his life was when he started crying. He then made "Rocky" and that creepy part of his life was closed. Guess what he did with his first salary? He bought his dog for $15000.

3. Donald Trump

Donald Trump owed $1 billion in the early 1990s and journalists argued that the money could be forgotten, impossible to pay. He once said to his daughter, walking past a homeless man: "Do you think it 's a bum? He has one billion dollars more than I. "
Then, Trump says, he was on the worst day of his life. It then produces the largest financial turnover in history, after which it is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. He was once owed $1 billion, but Donald Trump 's net fortune is now estimated at $4.5 billion.

4. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln 's inspiring story began with his youth when he held the rank of captain but soon lost it. Then he tried to open a lot of businesses, each of which failed.
Based on a very poor family, he went further through many difficulties to become a successful lawyer. Lincoln then lost in several races to public office, but none of which were able to stop him from trying to become President of the United States.

5. Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is considered one of the greatest filmmakers of our time to have given us films such as "Jaws," Jurassic Park, "Save Private Ryan," and some others.

That seems incredible, but he was dropped from the University of the School of Southern California Cinematic Arts - not once, but twice. Spielberg 's story is inspiring because, not despite this, he did not let himself get off track and back away from his dream of making films; He stood up and now he is successful enough to donate money to build that University from where he was once dropped out.

What is your story? Are you overwhelmed with debts? Are you a college drop out? Maybe you have to rely on payday advances to make ends meet?
Almost all successful people faced hardships in their lives.
Never, ever give up! May these inspiring stories give you wings to go forward towards your dreams.
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