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but still they r still young anyways
wow.. my eyes hahahahaa Choi Si Won dressed up as a girl... ahhahahahaahaha @aneezaful & @JoleneC but considering the new idols these days they are considered pretty old lol but i guess you are right they are trying to show that SJ still has the spirit!!! :)
@ameliasantos10 your right last year's fashion since so many are cooking out of the wood work but they are still popular, I still listen to SuJu and DBSK lol
@JoleneC @ameliasantos10 haha true true but only when compared to other idols I love suju so much I mean SJ is my life
ohhh, I don't know! @aneezaful, there are so many that are just as good as SuJu, I thunk UKiss is a top favorite for me