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There are some guys that girls like. There are some guys that other guys like. Then there are some guys that everyone likes. This is a list of the guys that usually guys like! The terminator, Rocky, and more. While these are some real tough guys, it is interesting that they are actually senior citizens! Check out this list of senior citizens that would could beat any guy to a pulp: Arnold Schwarzenegger, 66 As it turns out, the Guvna’ is invulnerable to more than just bullets! At 66, the Terminator looks like he’s barely aged a day. Sylvester Stallone, 67 When he’s not single-handedly fighting off hordes of enemies with everything from his bare hands to rocket launchers, he’s… well he’s not aging so he must be beautifying! This 67 year-old action hero shows no sign of stopping. Harrison Ford, 71 Who knew being frozen in carbonite could be so good for your skin?! Harrison Ford looks great for a 71-year-old man… or even a much younger man, for that matter. Chuck Norris, 73 The fact that Chuck Norris is 73, yet hasn’t seemed to age a day since Walker Texas Ranger debuted makes us think that maybe all those jokes aren’t so far off… Age probably got scared of what a roundhouse kick to its face might do! Samuel L. Jackson, 65 “Age, mother@%$#&@, do you do it?” Apparently not. Samuel L. Jackson just recently achieved one of the highest honors in all the land: the senior discounts at pancake houses the world over. images: Samuel L Jackson: Chuck Norris: Harrison Ford: Sylvester Stallone: Arnold Schwarzenegger:
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I still can't believe Chuck Norris is 73 ... I feel like these actors just lie about their age hahaha none of them look or act their age, they are probably alot more healthier and stronger than people half their age!!