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Is this a wedding dress? The color is non - traditional but really nice on her skin tone.
at @onesmile ... could be a bridal dress ... it just reminds me of the gowns probably worn in the 1950 to the White Ball or a Martha's Vineyard Soiree ... :D ... I love vintage clothing
@divalycious This would be SO FUN to wear to a ball!! (but wouldn't just going to a ball be fun??) I love vintage too--especially the colors of a lot of vintage clothing.
@onesmile … truly going to a ball would be so much fun … was thinking of starting a Vintage collection … you think there would be an interest for it … or a "Mr. Darcy" collection … :D … any thoughts … xx
@divalycious oooh!! yes! I love the idea of a vintage collection...like 50s inspired dresses or something XD I'd love either collection, though! haha