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A new Louis Vuitton advertising campaign conjures the original Spirit of Travel for the next generation. Shot in South Africa by Peter Lindbergh, styled by Carine Roitfeld, and starring models Karen Elson and Edie Campbell.
@ameliasantos10 haha no I understand! Very tall and graceful XD both of them!
@onesmile hahahah for me I think there's something about the giraffe and the models like how the models outfit are very elegance? and how the giraffe are standing tall and for some reason they remind me of each other hahah I am not sure how to say this either
@ameliasantos10 Yeah the outfits in the first photo are a bit too much for me, haha! But it's a cool concept over all I think.
@onesmile I was about to say the same thing cuffed jeans and combats! and she just looks so comfortable sitting there playing with the giraffe! what do you think about the first photo though too much?? hahah and I have to agree with you too @teamwaffles about the point that these photos are beautiful~
I'm not a huge fan of Louis Vuitton, but these images are really beautiful @divalycious
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