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How To Unlock Your Mobile Phone Using Cell Phone Unlock Codes

There can be many cell phones in which you cannot use any other carrier network and change the SIM or subscriber identity module. A phone unlocking company can make it is possible to unlock your phone by providing you with unlock codes in exchange for a payment. This article will be helpful for you if you want to know how to unlock your cell phone using Cell Phone Unlock Codes.

Steps to get the unlock code

As mentioned, you need to take help from a phone unlocking website or company in order to get the unlock codes. An unlock code can successfully unlock your phone but you need to know the steps with which you can get the unlock code. The steps are as mentioned below:

1. Choose the details:

The first step is to choose or fill the details. The phone unlocking website or company will ask you to choose the details required to unlock your cell phone. You will just have to choose your country name and your service provider.

2. Send the IMEI number:

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. You can find the IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your cell phone to know about the IMEI number. So, after finding your IMEI number you need to send it to the phone unlocking website.

3. Finish the order:

After following the first two steps you need to insert your name and email address in order to finish the order.

4. Make the payment:

The next step will be to clear the payment of the phone unlocking website. This means you will have to pay the charge for the unlocking service provided by the company.

5. Choose the first code:

After you clear the payment the company will send the unlock code to your email. You need to choose the first code.

Steps to enter the unlock code

The steps to enter the received unlock code are as follows:

1. Insert a different SIM card:

First, you have to insert a not accepted SIM card on your cell phone.

2. Input the unlock code and press the unlock button:

Then you have to input the unlock code on the prompted “Enter unlock code” box. And after that, you have press the “unlock” button. Your phone will be unlocked.

It is very easy to unlock your phone with the help of a SIM Unlock Service provider. But the service provider you will choose should provide guaranteed and best unlocking services.