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Bride of the Century Episode 2 English Sub
after tonight we are gonna need something else to obsess about ... here's the deal ... forget everything you thought you knew about HongKi - lead vocalist of FT Island ~ his cute character "Jeremy" in You're beautiful ~ his nail art fetish ~ ! He totally goes to town with this character Choi Kang-Joo ... I've really enjoyed the first two episodes ... @nylamrehs @stephiikins @wondergirl @christy @MasriDaniela @ameliasantos10 @misswhatever @congtuafang @mayurachoi @irelis27 @pandapieee @annbhoi @suranimh @rmbs @monette @amyling @Icscook @daniselane773 @tyta468 @llenzycris @monette @dramacrazy @karen @lymuniroth @hellohi01 @lindalimlinglin @sofeaamrez @deanloveradh @monettesky @lynespanol @gago @allie2013 @bquimzon @mariamatillano @deanloveradh @bitbybit @whilmsky @hufflepuff @nonabisi @ruizangelofluv @hebamaher @Monettesky @yuan20 @krissilva75 @Siennabebs @dawnalvin so waddya say ladies ... :) click on the link http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/bride-of-the-century-episode-2
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