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Behind the Brands

Foosball is now one of the most popular table games in today’s sports world, and in that, there are many manufacturers that deal in producing high quality foosball tables. To keep you on track on the most popular foosball table here is a list of our top five foosball tables brands that are still making their name alarming in the industry.

1. Tornado
This foosball table is the most used in professional tournaments. A company that handles several brands, Valley-Dynamo acquired Tornado in 1996. Despite that, Tornado has been standing on their own since 1970. They are a distinguished producer and supplier of high quality foosball tables. The brand is the official table brand of the International Table Soccer Federation or ITSF. This type of table offers a wide range of durability that enables a fast and smooth sail of game matches that also partnered with outstanding designs. There are different models of Tornado and it also depends on where you are going to play and what kind of players are going to play on the table.

2. Garlando
Since 1954, Garlando has built so much respect in the foosball table industry. This Italian company manufactures not only foosball tables but also table tennis tables, pool tables, and air hockey tables. Garlando produces business and personal tables that are either coin operated or non coin operated tables. Their products are noted for having strong colors and designs.

3. Hathaway
The brand Hathaway is part of a larger company Blue Wave. It is considered as one of the fastest growing brands in the foosball table industry. It is noted for producing and supplying pool and sauna supplies, indoor and outdoor sports supplies, patio accessories, floats and toys, and many more. The different models of Hathaway have different specifications like the Hathaway Primo which is a popular wood table good for kids.

4. Carrom
For 130 years, the Carrom company is still waving their name in the foosball table industry. They are remarkable in making traditional foosball tables. They focus on creating game tables for families. Aside from foosball tables, they also make other family game tables such as air and bubble hockey, pool, shuffleboard, basketball arcades, and many more.

5. Kick
If you are looking for the most affordable foosball table, you can try Kick. Even though they are way cheaper compared to other table brands, they still stand on good quality game tables. They still consider all the materials used in the foosball table. They also have different models for their brand and these models still differ in features and of course in prices. If you want to learn more about foosball tables brands, visit

There are other table brands in the market that you will find unique. This list is just our top five so you are free to still investigate more on other table brands that will more fit your standards.