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#MCountdown There will be a 180 degrees change in CNBLUE stage!! It’s been a long waiting time~ I want to quickly hear as soon as possible!! Today Evening 6pm MCOUNTDOWN COMEBACK Finally CNBLUE is back!! Not only this~ Handsome guy is coming!!!Don’t miss it by going halfway~~ (´゚З゚`) Today Evening 6pm MCOUNTDOWN COMEBACK #MCountdown Pose from Lee Jonghyun!! Don’t you wish to be in his guitar arms!! Everyone! In your next life!! ( ´^益^`) Today Evening 6pm MCountdown CNBLUE broadcast. #MCountdown Handsome Handsome. You’re right, Jung Yong Hwa has a handsome face♪ Until now his song is too perfect. Isn’t that so? Handsome Handsome ♬ Today Evening 6pm MCOUNTDOWN COMEBACK. click on link to watch live http://t.co/OdF0qE8X47 http://t.co/Bs0tFYEqIz