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In Feb 2014, The Comet that has strayed from its orbital path is slowly approaching Earth. There will be a unprecedented meteor shower lighting up the night sky. A galaxy show that happens every 400 years will be displayed. Sensing that the end is near, DMJ starts to bid a final farewell to CSY… @nylamrehs @stephiikins @wondergirl @christy @MasriDaniela @ameliasantos10 @misswhatever @congtuafang @mayurachoi @irelis27 @pandapieee @annbhoi @suranimh @rmbs @monette @amyling @Icscook @daniselane773 @tyta468 @llenzycris @monette @dramacrazy @karen @lymuniroth @hellohi01 @lindalimlinglin @sofeaamrez @deanloveradh @monettesky @lynespanol @gago @allie2013 @bquimzon @mariamatillano @deanloveradh @bitbybit @whilmsky @hufflepuff @nonabisi @ruizangelofluv @hebamaher @Monettesky @yuan20 @krissilva75 @Siennabebs @dawnalvin cr: tran ayronics via Soompi (Pic: as on pic vis Soompi)
@bquimzon he is spectacular in "THe moon that embraces the sun" also put "Dream High" on your list if you haven't seen it already. :D … you are in for a treat my friend … enjoy!!
@divalycious even this drama is over I'm still missing Do Min Joon. Can't get enough the hangover over him. So I decided to look for another drama of him and finally watched his The Moon that Embraces the Sun in just 4days...lol! Love the drama and hys acting. 😀
Can't stop crying... :)
awww... i will hate to see their parting... hope they won't..