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Safeguards Policies are indispensable instruments while attempting to intercept unmerited harm to the community and the surrounding environment throughout the development process. Safeguards Policies support the assessment of anticipated risks on the initial stage of project identification and designing. These instruments enable us to gauge the positive and negative impacts linked with any given development intervention. On the later stage of project implementation, safeguards ensure more effective management of risks and magnify constructive influence.
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Risalat Consutants are responsible to manage the Forensic, fraud and financial litigation support continue to remain among the hottest practice areas, with expected growth over the next several years. Accounting scandals such as Enron and WorldCom have created an increasing demand for professionals to become skilled and trained in forensic accounting and for businesses to protect themselves from the proliferation of fraud and white-collar crime. In today’s world-saving your organizations hard-earned revenue and maximizing your profits by protecting against fraud losses is a must! This highly beneficial forensic training workshop provides individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills in forensic accounting & fraud auditing and with the ability to detect and prevent fraud. It provides participants with true forensic methods and applications on how to actually conduct examinations and investigations in this field.
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