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In You Who Came From the Stars, episode 20, Cheon Song Yi(played by Jun Ji Hyun) and Do Min Joon(played by Kim Soo Hyun) spent their last week together. Only one week was left until Min Joon had to go back to his planet. He described his last week with Song Yi, as ‘simple and normal week’. The two watched the Sochi Olympics together and got mad by the biased judgment of Yuna Kim’s performance. Song Yi said, “We need some chicken with beer.” However, Min Joon said, “I told you not to drink, haven’t I? You should stop drinking alcohol.” Song Yi was reading her script when she suddenly asked, “Let’s say me and Lawyer Jang(played by Kim Chang Wan) fell into water. Who are you going to save first?” As Min Joon answered that he will save her first, she was delighted. However, he added, “Lawyer Jang’s a great swimmer. He can save himself for sure.” The couple also played card games. They started to argue, when Min Joon suddenly knocked Song Yi over to kiss her.