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This was the episode we weren’t supposed to get so I think that’s why my expectations are running high. We finally get to know if the extension will bring this show to its complete fruition or leave a slight bump in our overall enjoyment. I’m curious if this drama can pull off the impossible – to come up with a satisfying finale that can top all the wonderful previous episodes. I had to think really hard about the last one that I loved and it took a lot of brain power recalling all the dramas I watched searching for a good ending without any slight hiccups and I could only go back as far as OB to find one. How sad is that? The best scene of this show already began last night when MJ finally said aloud for SY to hear that he loves her. The fact that he said he loved her when she didn’t even know about it in that stopped time is what is going to floor SY. I’ve been dying for him to tell her about how he already said that so it was very gratifying to see her reaction. I’m not sure if a face can actually blossom, but in that moment she seemed to for real. It’s like the realization of his love for her all this time elevated her spirit so high that her face just radiated. How perfect is that since it is their wedding night. Let the wedding and honeymoon commence. A special thanks to Joonni for all her help during the flashback Joseon scenes, MJ’s lectures, complicated jargon for medicine, law, science, astronomy, and pretty much any lines or words that made me go “huh? what the heck did they just say?” You are heaven sent and an angel – I owe you big. :) E21 MJ says the greatest superpower I have is to stop time. SY: you know how to do that? MJ: of course. i am a way more impressive man than you think. I stopped time many times - inside that time you didn’t know about - I said this “I love you Chun SY.” when time resumes (flows) and I say this I thought everything would flow and disappear so I said it in that stopped time “I love you chun SY. I love you.” SY says in the time I know -in the time I didn’t know – I love you. she rests her head on his lap and closes her eyes as he pets her hair. MJ narrates: 400 yrs ago when I came to an unfamiliar star – there was a rule that I kept from the start till now. if it’s difficult to endure/bear when you lose something – not to have it from the start. I am going to leave at some point and when I leave I cant take anything with me - whether it’s objects or people – I thought let’s not cherish or love. I kept that rule well, but in the last 3 months everything fell apart while lying in bed in his arms, SY: tell me – when did you first like me? MJ says in his library: maybe it was when we first met on the elevator or when she barged into my house drunk. starting from that time that I dont know the exact moment – I liked her and wanted to have her. I began to be afraid that I would lose her. for her sake – what is it that I can do my best? I am thinking of that now. the last fate started. will I be able to beat this fate/destiny? they stand on the balacony and look up at the night sky. SY: it’s the first time seeing so many shining things in Seoul. it really is true about having a meteor shower in 400 yrs people on the street listen and watch the news report saying that NASA has announced that the comet Deep South has strayed from its orbit and will pass close to earth, creating a meteor shower. people take photos of it cuz it looks like falling stars. SY asks should we make a wish. MJ says those are like rocks. to tell the truth what was the most ridiculous while living on earth is people making wishes on rocks. she asks so are you not going to make one? she closes her eyes and makes a wish a mom tells her kid to make a wish but the asteroid catches on fire and makes them scream. one goes away from the others so a guy asks did you see that – it looked like a UFO. the girl says have you ever seen an UFO and takes pics of the sky the UFO hovers over a tree and lights flow down. MJ opens his eyes and sees his hands disappearing. he looks over at SY as she makes a wish. his hands come back so he reaches out to touch her but stops himself. he calls out her name – chun SY the one I love. it’s cold so don’t wearing low cut clothes. you get prettier with time. like I said last time you cant do any kiss or back hug scenes and no melos. don’t be sick. don’t look at bad comments on the internet. don’t cry alone and sing. don’t eat alone. don’t drink and go into anywhere. she cries listening and looks away from him. MJ: at night don’t look at the sky and do stuff like goodbyes or farewells. you cant see it from here but I will look every day from there where you are here every day I will look at you. every day I will try to come back. she is sobbing still looking away from him. his voice breaks saying somehow I will find a way to be by your side for a long long time. I will be sure to do that. but if cant come back – forget it all. all of it. still with her back to him – she asks how could I do that. how could I forget. am I really a dummy? how could you say such things. DMJ – answer me. answer me DMJ. are you there? she turns and he is gone. she calls out – it isnt time yet right? how can you just say what you want and leave when I didnt say bye. dont joke around. please come out. come out! please. she crouches down in tears MJ’s body disappears on that cliff. in the car ride over Bum wonders if SY and her mom will accept if they go. Ahn says as soon as her mother sees this new bag it will be over. he shows up at SY’s home and holds up the new bags. she says i already sold the bags I already had. where were yuo last month when SY was having a hard time. she shuts the door but Ahn stops her and says how everyone is sorry to SY. there is no one who knows SY as well as me. she says ahn and yoon bum shi – i dont need any bags or anything just do something for SY. for the past few days she doesnt do anything. she wont leave MJ’s home in his house SY imagines MJ telling her not to touch his stuff cuz she might break it and he cant replace them. she says ok talking to her vision in trial Yoo stands up and prosecutes JK for kidnapping Yang the ex wife. and that he was the perpetrator for Han’s death. Yoo lists the other accusations against JK. HK watches the trial. JK’s lawyer stands and says we have nothing else to say and it shocks JK. JK looks over at his dad and the dad cant look at him hardly JK meets with his dad and asks what happened – I know you are disappointed in me. everything will be revealed. I have nothing to do with all of this. first send HK away. pay off my ex wife cuz she is poor. the dad says how he took away everything from JK – took him off his list as heir. and I wont do anything for you. JK says didnt you think what would happen to the company while I am in prison. the dad says i will leave the company to someone young. JK asks did you hear something from HK. dad says I didnt know I raised a monster all these years and that monster took my child. the dad breaks down and says it’s all my fault. i made you this way. JK asks did HK say that? that I did that to hyung? you believe that? cuz of that file. you cant be deceived. just get me out of her and I will reveal it all. it’s a lie. the dad says stop – it’s all over. JK says you cant do this to me. it will be a problem. I still have a lot to do. cops take him away as JK warns I will get out on my own. dont do anything – got that? SY looks at photos of MJ. she remembers when he came to the hospital and asked if she checked her text. how she told him there isnt any. HK drops by with food. he asks why she is in the dark. she asks how did you come. he says your mother called. why are you here. let’s go home now. she says i dont want to. he says where is that DMJ you are waiting for. when is he coming. why did he go. I clearly told him if he leaves you alone I would take that place. she says that person did his best for my sake. what I cant handle is that I realized that too late. I didnt even get to say bye. he is doing his best to come back to me. he might not be able to come back but I wont forget him at all and wait diligently. HK says if you are going to wait – eat while you are doing it. cuz I got a favor to do too MJ told him I might go somewhere. if I leave SY alone I worry about you the most but I also feel the safe too. so I will ask a favor. stay by her side. HK says even if you dont say I will do it. MJ says I am just asking you to stay by her side not stay there permanently. HK says I will protect her my way. SY asks did he say that? HK says yes so eat. i bought soup so want to eat that first? she goes over to the plants and says it’s alive. he must have arrived ok. he must be ok now and not hurt. HK asks what are you talking about? she says there is something like that. she tells the plants dont be hurt now – I will take care of you well HK comes out and is on the phone with her mom telling her that SY ate the soup well so dont worry. he hangs up and says that bad guy SY finds out that YJ gave him this -telescopes flashback to YJ asking why did you call me MJ says i am going on some trip. YJ asks is it what I think and holds out his finger. MJ says not that. while I am gone be good to your sister. YJ says that’s a little hard even if it’s your request. MJ bribes him with his two telescopes. YJ says I will die if she asks me to . thank you hyung. can I ask a favor and hug you? MJ says no but YJ hugs him SY says so he asked a favor from you too. director is mad that SY didnt show up again after giving her days off. he threatens to fire her so Saemi gets involved in SY’s behalf and casually says how there is news about SY so just fire her – the movie wont fail. the director says i just meant I wanted to fire her but I wont. are you friends with her – can you reach her. saemi says no i am not friends with her Bokja wants to get a shorter haircut and says how she liked some man but her friend took him. the stylist says no wonder you couldnt grow out your hair and had short hair cuz everytime it didnt work with a guy you cut your hair. SY sits down and asks the stylist to shave her head so Bokja says not just anyone can have short hair SY is laughing really hard listening about how MJ looked when Bokja first met him. she asks tell me more things about him. Bokja says i only saw him that time.SY starts to cry. the doorbell rings and it’s saemi. she tells SY the director said he would cut you if you dont show up tm. SY asks her – dont you have any stories about MJ – anything is ok so just tell me about him SY lies in bed and calls out DMJ – come to my room. the door opens and saemi asks what are you doing. SY asks how much will it take to not feel hurt over him. saemi says when you dont think of him. right now you think of him so you feel hurt. one day you will say i was thinking of something else and thought of him so that is why I am not hurt. SY asks how long it takes. saemi says 15 yrs. that’s how long it took so it doesnt hurt. SY says it must have been hard for you. if it really takes that long how will I live? SY says into the camera in his libarary. what saemi says is right. it’s harder not to think of him. i go alone to the places we went together and miss him and look for a trace of him. I am waiting for that person. that day came – our 100 days. the appointed place – Namsan tower she sits and waits alone looking eagerly at the door. suddenly she imagines MJ appearing and smiling at her. she smiles back. she goes out to look at their lock. SY:i think it was then. I keep seeing him. maybe i am going crazy slowly Jang says it’s the same for me. last time … Jang was watering the plants saying you must be well now. I feel better. MJ calls out his name so Jang gets up to hug him but MJ is gone SY says I went to the hospital cuz I was worried. they said it was stress. it must be the same for you YJ show his mom the photo. YJ is telling her that the thing he discovered through MJ’s telescope is an asteroid. He took down the data and reported it to the International Astronomical Union, which gave the asteroid temporary number for identification purposes. Mom asks if this is a good thing. YJ replies of course since he can name the asteroid he discovered. Mom suggest her name but YJ says no, it will be Do Min Joon. Mom is peeved- why that guy who left SY? YJ says MJ is only traveling. Anyway, he hopes the asteroid gets officially recognized- they say it takes about three years. forward 3 yrs time passes and SY’s photo is back on the billboard. YJ is being interviewed for the asteroid he discovered. Reporter: You, Chun Yoon Jae, are the 21st person from Korea to discover an asteroid. Only after three years since the discovery, you’ve officially been acknowledged by the International Astronomical Union, and you’ve been able to name the asteroid. Are you currently a college student? Chun Yoon Jae without batting an eye replies: I’m in my third year of trying to pass the college entrance examinations. Reporter doesn’t know what to say to that. He just says that it is known to take a lot of expertise to be able to write up about the asteroid; it’s difficult for the layman but how was it possible for him. Yoon Jae replies that his mentor, the person he respects the most, gave him a lot of help. Reporter is about to ask if that person is the same person that asteroid is named after to which Yoon Jae replies: yes, you’re right, the name of the asteroid is Do Min Joon. Bokja is acting as his manager and is going to take YJ to his next interview. she says how her shop is doing well on its own and asks him to come to her so he says no. she thinks he is doing the push and pull of love Yoo is talking about how he keeps seeing the person he killed. not too long ago JK said he saw DMJ. park says he is really crazy on the set HK says the reaction is really great. SY says i heard a rumor. HK says how his company keeps investing in her projects – this is the 5th one. HK says this isnt a coincidence – it’s fate. crew thank HK for all the food trucks he sent every time. SY says what are you talking about -it’s a coincidence. SY suddenly sees MJ in the crowd and calls out for him crying so HK hugs her and says stop. she keeps saying MJ’s name. HK: it’s ok at her home SY is getting her makeup done. the mom comes in and asks why did you cry on set. why did you do that in front of an important scene. her dad asks are you ok. SY says dad I miss him. I want to be with him – I feel like I will die. the make up artist says you cant cry but SY keeps crying at the night of the premiere saemi walks the red carpet with her costar and does the photos. SY arrives in white and there is a huge ruckus. SY is smiling and waving. time suddenly stops but SY is the only one moving. she looks around and sees MJ walking over to her. he takes off his coat and puts it over her shoulder. he says I told you not to go around wearing skimpy clothes like this. she touches his face and asks DMJ? he says yes it’s me. it’s me. he touches her face. she hugs him. he says i am sorry – i was too late huh? she looks at him and he kisses her. time resumes and people go crazy taking their photos as they keep kissing. they are doing the interview together. MJ did I come back for good. how can I explain. SY: he did return but then he disappeared. that night of the previemere MJ disappeared and SY and everyone looks around MJ: when he left this place three years ago, I was sucked in somewhere. Namely a wormhole. After returning to that place and recovering everything, I tried to come back, since I didn’t need that long time in that place; I just needed the short time on earth. After succeeding for the first time after many tries, the time I could stay (on earth) was 5-10 seconds. that night was the first time I succeeded though i couldn’t say anything. SY says I didn’t see wrong – I wasnt crazy then (when she thought she saw MJ at namsan tower on their 100 days anniversary). MJ says the second time I succeeded i was able to speak but it wasnt SY. it was when he appeared in front of Jang. MJ: I tried many times even after that, and failed many times. Even though I succeeded, unintentionally, I made someone shake in fright. MJ appeared in JK’s prison cell. JK: you. MJ asks did you lose everything. money- your family-honor – your people? i came to confirm it. MJ disappears again. MJ: The important thing is that the time I am able to stay here is lengthening little by little. SY: Yes, that is the important truth. He has been here 1 year and 2 months this time. they sit in couple chairs at his home side by side as he reads the edward book. she says i am completely happy. MJ disappears, but she is calm about it. MJ’s voice says: long time ago -It was uncanny/surreal, but there was a rabbit who found his way home end epilogue SY is doing the interview alone and says: isnt it hard when he suddenly disappears? of course it is but cuz of it – I can love him more. thinking the person in front of me, it might be the last time so that moment feels very precious she is in bed. she opens her eys and MJ appears and smiles at her saying I came back. she goes into his arms and he cradles her head. *To be honest, I wanted a finale that would have scenes that would make JJH’s husband question why he agreed to let her film with a hot young star and raise his eyebrows wondering just how much his wife was going to test his patience and guess what? We got one. I bet her husband couldn’t even bring himself to watch that kiss scene on top of the steps. It comes pretty close to the Christmas make-out scene in Secret Garden. Not that all the bed scenes KSH and JJH had these past weeks was anything that would make her husband feel comfortable about. Bet he is glad to get his wife back all to himself now.