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Same jacket but different color can completely change the whole look. When using brown or tan leather jackets, they tend to give a softer approach to the entire look, still do make a very masculine look. When comes to mix or matching colors, brown leather jacket tends to be more versatile than black leather, it gives you more choices to work with. When do pick the right jacket with the right outfits, they look very high end fashion . So, what shades of brown color jackets should you wear? The answer to that question is completely different from one person to another since we all have different undertone skin color. Just like when you pick out colors to dye your hair. To, pick the color that doesn't wash you out but compliment your skin color tone. If your skin have more of a HOT skin under tone (it means that you can handle hot color or bright colors, you often look good in hot red, strong yellow, or any think that has orange or red tone in it), then lighter, brighter tan color even reddish brown jacket would compliments you, your skin and outfits that you already owned. Ok if you guys look better in silver accessories than gold accessories( this has to be experiment under white backgrown and natural light ok?), then you have cool skin undertone. So you would look better in deeper and cooler shades of brown jacket, in other words, with less red color tone in it.
@meninstyles Awesome! I'll definitely ask my roommate to help me figure it out, then :)
Yes, I have Both Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. I know it's kinda hard to distinguish skin undertone. Best is to have your friends help you determine that, cuz sometimes your mind plays the trick on yourself.
@Meninstyles Oh! Thanks for the second link as well. *studies* I'm going to try some new outfits, I think!
@Meninstyles Wow that's really awesome; I didn't realize how important of a skill it must be to identify undertones and what goes well with your skin tone. I'll have to try this! I hope I'm silver, because I mostly wear silver jewelry, but I guess I'll have to find out. thanks for such a detailed explanation. Have you studied fashion?
Once you know your undertone, then study color wheel chart on cool and warm colors, that should be your guide in the future on picking the correct color tone for your next outfit! =) here is some tips on color ways in clothing that might help
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