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Egypt's army claims it has invented a cure for AIDS and hepatitis C, prompting an outcry from the medical community, which blasted the declaration as a "scientific scandal." "I defeated AIDS with the grace of my God at the rate of 100% . And I defeated hepatitis C," said Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Abdel-Atti, head of the Cancer Treatment and Screening center. Scathing criticism erupted shortly after the announcement Sunday. Medical researchers led the condemnation, expressing concerns that the announcement would further damage the nation's image.
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I'm just speechless. ... wow. OK. Strange.
4 years ago·Reply
right @onesmile, dumbest pr stunt ever
4 years ago·Reply
@joebiden at least try to make it a little believable
4 years ago·Reply
Maybe people in egypt will believe it?? @onesmile
4 years ago·Reply
@joebiden I guess that's possible, I just can't see any foundation that would lead them to do so beyond simple faith
4 years ago·Reply