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Tesla Motors said on Wednesday that it planned to invest about $2 billion in a large-scale factory to produce cheaper batteries for a mass-market electric car within three years. The company, which makes all-electric luxury sedans, indicated that it would build the factory in the American Southwest, without specifying where. Nor would it name its partners, whom it said would invest up to another $3 billion in the factory through 2020.
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mystery partners are always the most interesting
4 years ago·Reply
no @dillonk definietly not, they pull to a stop with plenty of warning before there's any problem
4 years ago·Reply
@joebiden Cool, any word on who their mystery partner(s)?
4 years ago·Reply
Nope not yet, but I will keep you updated @dillonk
4 years ago·Reply
Thanks @joebiden! Your more helpful than any vice president
4 years ago·Reply