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Get Them Nails Did...

Okay, I know I'm suppose to be working but it's been awhile since I painted my nails....its soft pink and glitter, you like?
Aww, thanks for the compliment, honestly that's prolly the only thing I like abt myself are my hands and my luscious lips, lolz!! How do I take care of them, just the regular manicure and I try not to let them grow too long b/c mishaps do happen and ill break a nail, so I keep it short enough but having long nail beds sometimes it appears my nails are longer....oh another thing, i never bite my nails b/c it's damaging and germs?! Yuck!!
Breaking your nails is probably the worst thing that could happen for a girl with long nails, I mean you have to keep the other even while growing back ONE nail ahahahah or extend it and whatnot and nail biting is such a bad habit I have when I am nervous!! I totally need to like stop myself from now though to keep my nails pretty like yours! and thanks dear for the tips : ) @cheerfucallie
I love your nails!! They look like they are in such great condition!! I am so jealous dearie!! i mean HOW DO YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM?!?! and I love the colour combo dear!! :’)
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