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@ameliasantos10 just 4 u unnie i tried my best 2 put tgthr all of my oppa Latest and recent photoshoot pics oppa is looking cute sexxy hot a lll at the same time :) <3 wowww enjoysss hun <3 love my oppa and love u 2 <3
thank you dear!~ and wow the fourth photo it just basically sums up every side of our minho don't you think so??? @saharhyunjoong
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@ameliasantos10 yuppp exactly its oppa cutest sides oppa pouchy face kissy face hahas ;-):-D my fav :-)♥
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@saharhyunjoong mine has to be the top right one where he's doing the fish face!! So handsome our Minho haha
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Este hombre es divino unico precioso
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