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Sadly but mines look similar to the 4th one, hahahha!! Not my fault that I have these high arch brows and for the love of god, I can't get mines to look like the last one...not even close, its aight, I'm just unique (*_*)
@cheerfulcallie though I must warn you once you start you probably will have to keep going because after a while they grow back and it looks so weird because the brow hair are still short! and yes please do!! if you are able to get the look that you wanted : )
I meant I don't fuss with my brows*
@lillyann I've watch some of those tutorials and I've even posted one on my beauty galore's section and if i can recall her brow shape weren't that great but once she was looked soo nice!! i agree with you it will take practice but I'm not high maintenance meaning most days I go without make up, just lips on days I do wear make up its powder, mascara and lip gloss, lolz....I do doll up once in awhile but that's only if I'm going out and even then I still do fuss with my brows. Hmm, yeah, ill just practice on it and ill change my dp to show you if it turns out good, lolz
and with eyebrows it’s like if you accidentally do it really really wrong .. then you are stuck with that look for a while!! @cheerfulcallie hahaha i guess the more you do it eventually it might get a little bit more easier?
@lillyann at least you tried, I've tried coloring it or shape it like how it's done now and days...still I just can't get mines to look right so I stop trying, lolz
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