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Anyone else excited to see this new adaptation of the classic Disney fairytale! Angelia Jolie is the perfect fit for the character of Maleficent--look at that (evil) smile!
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Your username does say @onesmile ;) people don't typically know I don't like them ;) I'm cool with anyone I know. So laughing at them is like a brush off xD @ameliasantos10
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@katecc7 oh wow hahahaah but well i guess it's better for them to know about how we feel about them hahahahaha
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@ameliasantos10 you know full will Life is short! Live it. Like it. LOVE IT! Don't hide behind a smile. And let your opinion be known ;) just at a position where it does not seem rude :] or insulting:0
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@katecc7 @ameliasantos10 hahaa yes!!! I need to follow my username :) LOVE your advice :)
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this looks creepy!
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