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yeah so you females cant get mad.
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the ability of these guys to see how hot u are is decreased by half cus they are drunk lol @cheerfulcallie :p
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@mrjockX aahh humm....who said, the dude was drunk? mmhhh...
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cuz guys only go to the bar for 3 things lol to get drunk, girls, and drunk girls lol @cheerfulcallie
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i know you at the gym right now...*callie uses her psychic powers and pushes @mrjockX off the treadmill*....muaahhhh!!!
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@mrjockX hahahahahahahhaha wow opening up to us girls I see letting us know the truth about guy? I guess we better be careful when we go to bars from now on @cheerfulcallie!! and you know if I develop trust issues I guess i know who to blame hahaha
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