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just hearing the intense piano made me think of "Anna Karenina"and such films … here's what others have to say … xx We often ask ourselves why doing something so wrong feels so right? This is probably a question Oh Hye Won (Kim Hee Ae) and Lee Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In) will continuously ask themselves when they begin to do very bad things that feel so so good to each other’s bodies. Stories about extramarital affairs are often passionate, intense and sexy (what the point without the sex?) but also involve deception and betrayal, which is why I’m glad that they usually end tragically, even if there’s an attempt to justify the infidelity by making the spouse (usually the husband) boring, asexual or an asshole. Will jTBC’s Secret Love Affair be different? All I know is that the trailer makes it look like a European art house movie. Based on this, these two are hot for each other and their scenes will involve a lot of heavy breathing and tears. But what about the sex? How much will we see? I guess we’ll have to wait till March 17th to find out. Credit: jtbcdrama, jtbclove.
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wow... that was one sexy drama trailer ; ) I am actually curious about this drama hehehe the trailers are too much of a teaser! especially the other ones you uploaded a while back ahhaah