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@linda7 wow!! i definitely agree with the Goong and the Lie to me scenes!! the coke scene was too cute hahahah and I think there's something about her smile that makes you want to laugh with her!! and for me the Take care my lady brought a new image for her but just wow... she can play so many characters!! From a highschool kid, rich arrogant girl, funny poor girl and so many more!! and I hope they get to play romantic comedy together too!
@ameliasantos10. Goong my favorite movie ever. I've watched it about 10x already. I love the part where she puts make up on Shin & he erased it with a kiss, the shower scene & and that Shin doll. Lie To Me was the 1st movie I saw of hers. I still love the coke scene, and when they sing Lovin Ice cream + many more funny scenes. I have have seen all of her movies except for Love Song, The Legend of the 7th Cutter and Emergency 19. I just can't get enough of her, I like them all. Marry Him if You Dare, could of been written better and it was over shadow by Heirs. I am glad Younghwa played in the movie with her. As playful as both of them are I hope they play a Romantic Comedy. I just want to laugh with her.
@linda7 which of her movies do you like best?!?! Mine has probably got to be Goong and Lie to Me~ and I totally agree with you on how she's homely and beautiful
She is my favorite actress. I love her comical, playful, loving rolls she plays. I hope she play's more rolls like that. She is so beautiful, they always make her look homely, which make her so cute.馃榿
@divalycious wasn't it yesterday? That we were talking about how Goong and Yoon Eun Hye is just like another high school student and then BAMM here she is all grown up!! and the second photo she is like flawless o___o