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Pros and Cons of Starting an Essay with Quotes

Essays, as all the leading experts associated with the essay help Johor Bahru suggest, should be initiated with a ‘Hook’. A ‘hook’ is considered as the opening segment, which will fetch the most readers to go through the essay. Students can use significant data, information, or quote to kick start your academic essay paper.
Quotations are short paragraphs or a couple of sentences that students need to find in-line with the essay topic and put in. Famous/notable quotes are highly valuable since it represents concentrated pieces of wisdom, knowledge, experience, and wit which can be magnified by circumstances in which these have been made and what contribution it will make in finding answers of an essay.  
However, the essay help services in Johor Bahru says that starting an essay with a quote comes with several positive and negative aspects. Here is it-
Quotations help set a proper tone of the essay. Quotations comprise of reliable information or state truths readers can connect to. Also, there aren’t many other ways to engage readers apart from quotes instantly.
Quotation grabs attention. All thanks to the conversational tone that readers get involved with the most, and be it shocking, humorous, controversial, or reveal deep truths-they remember it thoroughly. Quote as a hook guarantees a straightforward introduction and better acceptance of the essay, say experts of essay help services in Johor Bahru.
Quotes are clichés. Normally, famous quotes are overused, and it will not add significant value to the essay. Instead, statistical data and information add a fresh approach as those are getting released and updated every day.
As per the online essay writing help services, finding compelling and ideally matching quotation is enormously time-consuming. Students cannot alter quotes to match it with the essay theme.
Easy Tips to Start an Essay with Quotes
Knowing how to start an essay with a quote allow students to make the best of their assignments. Here’s how:
Ø Choose quotations that fit the essay theme
Pick quotations that inspire, prove a point, alert, invite action, show complexity or weakness of an issue, create mood etc. Picking quotes to match precisely the purpose of the essay is challenging, but at least pick quotations that work towards the overall objective of the essay, and accomplish the intended.
Ø Consider your audience
A quotation should be something that the audience finds attractive. Select quotes that would be neither too obvious nor too complex so viewers who are not subject matter experts, get the essence. Aspects like audiences’ demography, history and cultural connectivity of the topic are a great option to go by.
Ø Acknowledge the source
Adding quotations in online essay writing help is adding remarks and thoughts of other authors; hence it is imperative to cite the source from where the student has found it. Depending on the citation format, the source of information should be added at the end of the quotation to avoid any plagiarism issues.
Hope you find this article helpful.
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