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In Japan, deer are considered to be sacred, so at the Deer Park at Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan, the deer roam free, even if they can be a bit of a pest. How are they pests? They want you to feed them! Check out this video in which you can see a group of Japanese school students interacting with the deer about half-way through. I love when the girls start screaming! I've been to this temple before, and you would often hear shrieks when the deer got persistent in their search for food. But, it was never scary. See the blog entry for information on how to reach the temple from the train station in Nara; its pretty accessible! Do you want to go play with the deer? I'd go again in a heartbeat~~
@pampam93 Tiger...dogs @.@ oh my goodness hahaha!! that sounds pretty cool ^^
ahhahah @onesmile well they don't really just walk around! The monks keep them as pets and you can see the tigers when they are being taken out on their daily walks! basically they are like dogs for the temple hahaha it's kind of cute but scary at the same time? and yes if i get a chance I will one day!
@pampam93 tigers?!? Isn't that scary!!! haha. If you get a chance, you should go there! It's really nice~
we actually have a similar thing here in Thailand! but instead of Deer we have one where the monks have a couple of Tigers as pets! haha and wow I would love to visit this temple one day :(