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@donnakdw don't worry.. there's still taylor lautner.. robert pattinson.. channing tatum.. hugh jackman.. hugh grant.. keanu reeves.. omg.. we have pretty many options honey!!! p.s. i think this card may concern you .. seeing you too share my love for these hotties.. http://www.vingle.net/posts/47243-Are-your-a-real-fan-of-Hollywood-s-sexiest-men
I would consider becoming a man for NPH.......maybe.....
@CatherineWYou who wouldn't!!! lol.. anyways that reminded me of son ye jin from personal taste.. how she was wishing to be a man for her jin ho shii!! but unlike jin ho,chances of NPH telling us he isn't gay are next to impossible
@neaa LOL! so true. but I'm still holding out for the miracle. that or Lee Min Ho learns English/Mandarin and so we could live as OTP :D
CatherineWYou.. you and me are so alike.. i'm praying for the same :)