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ISNT DIS PIC IZ JUST ADORABLE ;) <3 soo many oppas don't have pics like dat tgthr these 2 might be the luckiest ones and cutest ones dream come true 2 c them tgthr awwww lovely <3 @divalycious unnie dis pic really made me think of u ;) <3 actually its only 4 u 2 c ;) u will love disss must ccc <3 <3 our 2 lovely fav oppas tgthr <3
awesome find as usual @saharhyunjoong … thank you for always sharing these goodies with me :D
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Love it😻
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@divalycious unnie i just notice my namja is wear 2 bows lol one black one white :-D again utho i guess dat says it he is really 4D hahas :-D ;-) check thgh hehes ;-)♥
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