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Texas appeals court says police can’t search your phone after you’re jailed -- Looking at your texts is not like searching your pockets, judges say The ruling did not decide whether it is legal or not for police to search a suspect's phone at the incidence of arrest, which is currently a hotly contested subject. The Supreme Court is set to decide that matter later this year.
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@dillonk I dont really think it matters either, I just think that finally enforcing/making clear such a law is such to cause a bit of talk, haha, since it's probably been ignored/unclear for so many years
@onesmile I see what you mean. I guess it's just something we have to address living in the digital age :)
@dillonk definitely, so many laws have to be revisited when different cases arise
yeah @onesmile I think that the police lobby (FOP) would be able to stop this change in the law
but @dillonk you bring up a good point have you heard about the FCC and the changes to its regulatory policy?