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It's illegal to leave the United States with more than $10,000 cash, so the TSA is likely interested in Bitcoin as a means of sneaking money around for nefarious purposes. But Barker was traveling domestically, from Manchester, N.H., to San Francisco, and discloses that he didn't have nearly that much, Bitcoin included. Plus, how do you see bitcoin?
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@joebiden How is this legal? Were the TSA reprimanded in any way?
4 years ago·Reply
this should not be legal @dillonk
4 years ago·Reply
I agree! How does the TSA police itself? @curtis
4 years ago·Reply
The TSA isn't even a police force, its powers are very limited when people stand up to them
4 years ago·Reply
@joebiden I wasn't asking if the TSA is a police force. I was asking if there is a system in place to make sure TSA officers are obeying the law and not abusing their powers. @curtis Do you know the answer?
4 years ago·Reply