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World's biggest cyberattack detected, 360 million accounts, 1.25 billion email addresses hacked
"But this month we exceeded all expectations. In the first three weeks of February we identified nearly 360 million stolen and abused credentials and 1.25 billion records containing only email addresses. These mind boggling numbers are not meant to scare you and they are a product of multiple breaches which we are independently investigating. This is a call to action," it added. This comes just months after details of 2.9 million people across the globe were stolen in a highly sophisticated cyberattack on Adobe. Hopefully no one on here's emails got got.
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@prats that one word really says it all. I always get nervous about these kind of hacks, but eventually end up feeling like they're inevitable in technology cultures...
4 years ago·Reply
@joebiden Wait, what is this about a cyber attack on Adobe? ...I use Adobe products, should I be worried?
4 years ago·Reply
nah @dillonk they've fixed it by now you're all good to go
4 years ago·Reply
@joebiden Okay, thanks for the update!
4 years ago·Reply
your welcome @dillonk, lets see some of your photshop creations!
4 years ago·Reply