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This means that this summer, voters in Alaska will decide if the state will become the third U.S. state to legalize recreational marijuana. If passed, Alaska will have similar laws and regulations to Colorado and Washington, where voters became the first to legalize recreational use and sale in 2012.
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@styleisking Let's do a little rough math. $3.5m x 12 months = $42 million per state...this is an overestimate but multiple $42m x 50 states...that's $2.1 billion! It's not biggest money maker but that amount of money requires a second look
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@dillonk woah~ thats pretty awesome that it goes to schools. didnt know that!!
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@onesmile Yeah, I think it's important for that money to go toward education. I'm proud Colorado voted for the legislature we have in place for cannabis.
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@dillonk its definitely an interesting change to some state systems so I'm really curous to see what this kind of legislature will look like in a few years.
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I just think the pace of progress on this and gay marriage is fantastic. On both they seemed decades away just a few years ago, now they seem imminent
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