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Rare Video of Supreme Court Debate
The videos, which are brief and shaky, rep­re­sent a ma­jor breach of Su­preme Court se­cu­rity. Vis­i­tors to the court­room pass through metal de­tec­tors and are told they may not bring elec­tron­ic de­vices in­to the court­room. The court has nev­er al­lowed cam­era cov­er­age of its pro­ceed­ings. This is crazy
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@curtis definitely true~ I was just surprised there wasnt something more to it all!
4 years ago·Reply
what do you mean by that @onesmile
4 years ago·Reply
@curtis well, I don't usually pay attention to the news beyond the biggest stories that still find their way to me because they're being talked about so much; I hadn't heard about this at all
4 years ago·Reply
@onesmile yeah these stories can get buried this wasn't covered by the mainstram news
4 years ago·Reply
@curtis and this is why I've come to rely on you for my news lol
4 years ago·Reply