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I am always torn between choosing who's the better shoemaker between the Brits and the Italians when it comes to handmade, hand sewn Brogue, Monkstraps, or Wholecut shoes. I always value those hand made shoes and believe that to create a pair of great shoes, its craftmanship and skills that can't be thought in school, but by being an apprentice. It's also an art form. I like the flair and designs of the Italian, but I also love the cork lining sole of the Brits, especially ones that come from North Hampton shire area. They both seems to last and well made. I think it always comes down to personal taste of individuals, really. But let's take a look at this great video made by Prada, showing their shoe making process. Is it worth the price? You be the judge.
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@meninstyles Thank you for sharing this video, I really enjoyed it! By the way this video made me realize why Prada shoes are so expensive.