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@Meninstyles That's really interesting! I would have had no idea that it started that way. I've seen this look a few times more recently and always been curious. Looking forward to your full article!^^
You got good eyes, that's a good looking out fit there! I love it and seems to work well when it's black on black. There is not a terms for it yet. Some called it Urban Ninja or Samurai look or even Rick Owen look. But It began at the gym when men started to wear base layer shorts under neath their work out shorts (from fitness like under Armour or nike) so that, no could see their underwear while working out in the gym. I'm gonna make an article about this look soon. It's become layered by length and not just normal layering. This particular look started quite sometimes ago by Junya Watanabe & Yohji Yamamoto, but that's entire different look and from different inspirations. The looks then has been picked up, modified and make it more mainstream by designers like Rick Owens, Boris Bidjan Saberi ( one of my favorite designer) Now, back full circle to where it all started, Street wear.
Is there a name for the layered shorts style (hard to see, but I think that's What it is!) seen in picture 7?