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Phrases you need to know before your trip to Dubai

Shimmering beaches, desert safari’s, shopping centres, malls, and chick skyscrapers Dubai has it all making it the best family vacation one can ask for! Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates famous for swaying you away with its nightlife, its mouth-watering food, and most importantly its brilliantly built architectural buildings.

The most frequent languages spoken in Dubai are Arabic and English. People who do not know Arabic can also survive as most of the people including the locals speak good English there. Still, if you would want to feel like a Dubaian check out a few basic slangs and you are good to go!

How to greet people

The general way to make a person happy or his/her day good is by greeting them. The people in Dubai usually greet one another in Arabic as “as-salam Alaykum” to which the later always greets back by saying “Wa Alaykum as-salam”. The meaning of the above is “Peace be upon you”. You can also address the people by casually saying Salam or Halla which is the local slang for hello. There’s also a high possibility that once you land onto Dubai you will be greeted with Marhaba or welcomed with Ahlan. The conversations usually don’t end there right? Do you definitely go onto asking them how they are? Well, the phrase ‘how are you’ is kayf halak (man) and kayfa halik (to a woman). Lastly comes the sad goodbyes which are ma’a as-salamah translating to “go with peace”

Frequently used phrases on a daily basis

These are phrases that one might use when one visits the local markets like the Aziz saffron or Dubai Flea market wanting to interact with the local vendors. You could use kam yukalif? (how much does it cost) and the basic yes or no phrases which are “na’am” and “la”. The other phrases such as Please would be min fadlak while addressing a man and min fadlik for women. While addressing people in Arabic there are different phrases used depending upon the gender.

The popular Millennial phrases

You can hear the younger generation commonly use these phrases like Habibi or habibti for a girl or a boy meaning ‘beloved’ used instead of “dude or Chick”. These are words used either between close friends or even couples. You will even come across the term inshallah which stands for ‘if God wills it.’ this traditionally means that a person will try his level best/ or give it his best to achieve something.

Dubai the city of gold is also known as the 2nd home for Indians as Indians have a unique fondness for jewellery and accessories. Its got a lot to offer than just shopping, so pack your bags and get ready for a quick vacation and allow us the opportunity to plan this wonderful Dubai trip via pickyourtrail. Unwrap the world! Unwrap Dubai!
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